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"a decision tool, rather than a compliance process"

Our philosophy, personalized service and expertise in Accounting have made us a leading  provider of BOOKKEEPING services for small and medium-size businesses.
Regardless of industry, needs  or remote location, we will make sure your Bookkeeping is done efficiently and accurately, and that you Accounting is up-to date.

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"Accounting is the spine of  business"

At Ueltschi & Co. we specialize in ACCOUNTING  and believe it to be a NECESSARY tool for every business regardless of the size, industry or budget.
We are committed  to change how ACCOUNTING is used by small and medium-size businesses, and we are here to make it an accessible, understandable and empowering tool.

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"another responsibility off your shoulders"

We provide EFFICIENT payroll services at very AFFORDABLE prices. We process your payroll and assure payment to all government agencies are made. What's more, you always talk to the same person, and solve any payroll issue that may arise.

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"your go-to professional"

Our holistic approach and personalized service enable us to help entrepreneurs at EVERY STAGE of their business. We are devoted to answer any question you may have, and to make sure your business in compliance at all times.

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"it's all about protecting yourself and your pocket"

Our Incorporating Services are THOROUGH & FAST. As Accountants we are able to provide you with the best corporate structure that protects you legally and save you the most in taxes.

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"you are not alone in this"

We count on an HONEST and SERIOUS network of professionals to help you from the acqusiition of your business, ALL they way to the obtention your E2 Visa.
We are fluid in  ITALIAN and SPANISH and will make sure you are correctly guided throughout the process of your business venture in the US.

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"clarity leads to empowerment"

If you are planning to open, sell, merge or expand, our team of Financial Analysts can help you with financial projection, business plan, business valuation, as well as exit strategy.



"knowledge saves lives and money"

Our team of ACCOUNTANTS specializes in Income Tax Preparation  SMALL &  MEDIUM size businesses. We are known for the amount of due diligence we devote to Income tax preparation, and for making your return audit-proof.



"make taxes less taxing"

We know all deductions possible, and our PERSONALIZED SERVICE will make sure to  catch every single piece information necessary to  make you save  on your taxes. Questions? We can answer them all.

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